Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Going home!!!

Yesterday, Fred received the confirmation for his training in Singapore! Yey!!! so, we need to pack our bags and get ready for our much awaited vacation! we're planning to leave on march 14, Friday, so we will be in manila on march 15. It's another 18 hr travel, excluding the stop over! i hope my little girl will cooperate well with mommy. My only worry is she will get bored sitting for long hours! then, i need to bring lots of toys to keep her occupied.

Fred is suggesting if we can let Elyse stay at her Lola while w
e are in Singapore, absolutely not! i insist to bring her! though it's not easy to travel with a toddler, but i really want her to see the night safari or Jurong park? though I'm not sure if we will visit Sentosa again, but I'm convinced to drop by simply because i want her to see the underwater world and the dolphin show. Pros- it would be fun! Cons - I'm sure i will feel guilty if she skip her afternoon nap and not taking her milk as she used to be. Blame it to her curiosity! she can be easily destructed! hay... Ok then! now, i need to plan our itinerary for the trip!

And the pictures!! I'm not having enough time for digiscrapping lately.. my house helper is sick so, I'm doing all the household chores.. It's already 3:30am but i just couldn't sleep. I played with Photoshop kasi! :) so now I'm done, i guess i can have a soundless sleep na. :) Have a great day everyone!

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