Friday, February 8, 2008

Going To School!!!

yesterday, on our way to my favorite bakeshop
'la pause gourmande', i noticed that there is a school near our place pala! it is just across the street! wow!! so i asked my husband to drop by asap and inquire if i can immediately enroll our little elyse. but since mommy can't wait 'til noon time.. mommy personally went there to check the place. good thing i need to get some milk for elyse at the pharmacy nearby so... i checked the place and was so impress! according to the director, they are teaching socialization for the enfants, it also includes art, music, culture etc. hmm.. i'm not so sure about the culture thing, i still need to find out what was it all about. i need to be more specific there. :D though they don't speak english there and their medium of teaching is french, my husband is the first person who gets very excited! because she wanted elyse to learn different language..most especially french.. then, maybe this is the best chance. we are planning to stay here for another year before we finally settle down in canada.. so, why not? give it a try! but not now, since their classes already started last september.. so, no choice.. but to wait.. not bad though since i'm enrolling elyse at little gym this march. thanks abie for all the info! muahh!!

about this lo, yes.. she is my drama queen! superrrr!! grrrrr! ohhh kids! :)
happy weekend everyone!!!
credits: angelica e frame, brittdes brown paper, aniehaus wordings, lucky luci cardboard, touche d' orange zigzag

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