Sunday, February 10, 2008


hope you guys had a great weekend. as for me.. we had our weekly grocery and attended mass at christ the king, casablanca. we're supposed to visit the "ocean" where elyse loved playing but she fell asleep in our couch..

it feels different living in the country where you can't understand their language.. but more importantly.. you have the heart to stay.. i said that because when we lived in china for more than 2 years, i didn't understand their language.. but then, i learned some basic words which is enough in order for me to survive. i miss china though.. because for me, mandarin might be a difficult language.. but i easily adopted their culture. i gained a lot of friends there too.. and yes, i really miss them.. i have worked for zte corporation, china.. i guess this is a very controversial company in the philippines right now.. well.. those people i have worked with are nice and friendly. i enjoyed my stay there that is why i always wanted to go back and visit them. i felt so comfortable in their country that it's like my second home. maybe because what i have experienced there and the people i have been with are the best.. :)

anyway.. here in casablanca is almost the same.. french and arabic are their language and it's quite hard for me. so, we are grateful for having attended english mass every sunday.. it is actually for the benefit of the filipino community here. but most french, nigerian and english living here are also attending the same mass. we're of course proud that the choral group, readers and organizers are all filipinos and it make us feel at home hearing english and tagalog songs in the mass. galing talaga ang pinoy! :) but then for more than a year of staying here.. yes, we are blessed having this opportunity.. for earning much compared if we were in other countries.. i'm just starting to love everything here... i just hope that it will not be hard for me to leave it all behind. though i'm optimistic that our future will be better.. just having some thoughts in my mind.. will i be able to leave my little girl at daycare and go back to work since now i enjoy being a full time mom? well.. i know everything will be alright in God's will. just believe! have a great week everyone!

and here's my little girl, she just woke up and asked me to get her some apple. with her "friends".... enjoying every bite of her apple. :)

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