Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy and Sad

Hi! guys, thank you to all your wonderful comments! Wow!! It's already March! Did you notice my new header? :) I want to use magenta or anything similar to pink in my post title and links but i had a hard time finding it. Soon I'll figure it out, for the meantime it's the only color that looks pretty in my eyes. :)

I promise to myself that I will sleep early tonight at least not 4:00am. :) Earlier, I had a conversation with my husband about signing up to PayPal since I'm interested to paid blogging. No objections to paid blogging but he's not allowing me to sign up with PayPal and register our credit cards. What?!? Sigh! So, I guess it's impossible for me now to earn extra income thru the net. So sad..

To keep myself busy, I made our Itinerary to Manila and Singapore:

March 6: departure at Casablanca 2:15pm
March 7: arriving Dubai 1:30am
March 7: departure at Dubai 3:45am
March 7: arriving Manila at 3:45pm
March 7: 6:00pm drop by at Southbay Gardens, to visit my Tita Ninang
8:00pm to Cainta (Daddy's place, meet the family)
March 8: 10:00am buy gifts for Iya and Gelo
3:00pm attend Gelo's 1st birthday, meeting with friends!

March 9: off to Singapore, eat our favorite Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle at Food Republic in Wisma Building
March 10: meet the friends in Singapore (Niki and Jocay)
March 11: visit Sentosa and shopping on the side
March 12: visit Jurong park and shopping on the side
March 13: meet friends pa rin (Mitzie and family) and shopping on the side
March 14: shopping and meet Fred's high school friends
March 15: off to Manila

All in all, I'm sad because of PayPal issues with my husband but on the other side, happy that we will go home! Happy weekend everyone! God bless!


abie said...

ay sayang di pumayag si fred...

pero at least uwi na kayo d2 diba.

i have another tag for u:

Eds said...

sis, y not try applying for an EON Account at Unionbank para un nalang ang e register na card mo sa paypal, hindi na ung credit card mo,,, atlist ung EON account is much safer kc parang ATM lang un :) if un ang issue sa hubby mo sis :)

Have a nice day!

Thea said...

hi. are you based here in manila?
if so, you can try unionbank eon card. annual fee of P350, no maintaining balance. but add an extra P100 for the paypal verification (which they will return to you after your first online transaction)
it's an atm pwede mo sya pang buy pero xempre dpat may laman na money (not like a credit like BPI EPS parang ganun)
and at the same time, pwede mo sya ipangwithdraw ng money. :)
hope that help. ;)

Thea said...

hope that helps...nawala 's' haha.
pwede mo sya iapply online, google mo na lng.
although my setup now, credit card ang pang buy, bpi atm ko ang pang withdraw pwede din yun.
onetime lng nmn yung credit card, para lng dun sa $1.99 pang verify.
isosoli din nila after ur first online transaction.

yvelle said...

guys salamat sa lahat ng comments! yey! my other option pa pala, i will apply this EON Accnt in Manila. thanks thanks! muahhh! yey! :D

Kitts said...

grabe sa sched ha, hindi naman hectic masyado haha

update-update ako ulit sa blog mo mya :) have a safe trip!