Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Little Girl... in Pink!

lately, my little girl often wants to communicate with us rather than get her toys and play. before getting up from bed in the morning and from her afternoon nap, she had a habit of talking to her "friends" by asking them one by one, what is your name? and respond to her question as well.. "name is bar-ney!" and so on.. yes, "naney and babird" not anymore! she can pronounce them correctly na! then, she will say the names of every person she knows.. like lolo ding, lola fe, ninong chi chi.. and many others.

some of her favorite words are excuse me, thank you, welcome, sorry, oh my gosh, what's wrong, yuck, let's go. whenever she is blocked by somebody or anything while walking, she will automatically say "tush me", like for instance when we had our friends in the house, they were unintentionally blocking her way and we're surprised when they heard her saying "tush me". we we're all laughing then! lol.

she love brushing her teeth alone.. although she's not really brushing her teeth but playing! this afternoon, i asked her to brush her teeth and of course she got very excited.. she happily said "mommy, thank you!". that really melts my heart.. hearing those words from a 20 month old little girl? i'm happy that she's always saying thank you whenever we are giving something to her.. a water, apple, banana etc. at her age, she seems to know how to appreciate things and she will eventually say "acome or welcome" too!

yesterday, she is touching the wall when she noticed the rough portion of it, she said "oh gosh". isn't she funny? :) also, when she have done something that i told her is "not nice", she will say "sorry, mommy!" with different voice tone ha! like she is begging. :)

and by the way, she still love singing! whenever she's playing or just walking around the house.. i can't remember when i started to hear her sing "o-oint there o-oint there, a-wooo", lately i just found out.. it was the "old mcdonald" song. hahaha..
her still favorite dance step is "issa turn the wheel".. which she got from her now favorite dora! yeah.. acting like she's turning the wheel.. while swaying her head and singing the song.. "issa turn the wheel, turn the wheel issa...."

oh! it's already 2:30am here.. need to sleep now. happy hearts day! God bless you all! :)

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