Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just Inspiring!

i can't help myself sharing this..
i've got inspired by those people i've met recently. friday night, we had a post valentine celebration at sheraton hotel and it is our first time to meet another filipino chef, lito. he showed us how to cook our favorite chicken yakisoba!!! we've got to talk a lot of things.. like how he got into his field.. and we we're surprised to know that he is not a college degree holder. well, he is a street smart! he is a high school graduate who have passion for cooking.. he didn't realized that his passion will brought him to ten different countries. he even prepared food for michael jackson while he was in japan.. and now he is going to australia to work again in a 5 star hotel, and as immigrant. isn't that great? it made me realize to dream big 'coz there's nothing really impossible.

then saturday, we went to elyse's favorite place.. the "play area". she had 2 favorites here, the first is in la corniche.. that is why she is calling it "ocean". the other one is in megamall, which she is calling "mall." we decided to visit the latter. we had our lunch at dominos, had 2 scoops of gelato ice cream. yummy caramel flavor! after lunch, elyse spent her time running around, kicking the ball, throwing the ball and talking to her playmates. i just noticed that she is a picture of an aggressive child. she is not afraid of anybody, even bigger than her! she will get the ball if she want it but, thank God she's not hurting anybody by being aggressive. she's so petite compared to her playmates here, and by the way, she didn't get herself tired this time. a little maybe, but nothing compared the last time we visited the place. it's already 5pm when we decided to have our diner at fridays! thank God there is fridays! you might be thinking why 'am so excited to dine in an american resto.. because aside from kfc and mcdonalds, fridays is the only american resto here. i guess most are europeans. so, why happy? bread, pizza and pasta are their life here.. so, if you are not fan of them then, good luck! :)

surprisingly at fridays, we we're welcomed by their store manager, a big american guy. he is very nice and accommodating. sadly, the store is not yet officially open for public. they are still on "training process" but on the other side, as their guests, they will serve us for free! wow!! fred had ribeye steak with mashed potato and broccolli on the side, mac and cheese with fries for elyse, and clubhouse sandwich with fries for me! yum yum! what a great timing! :)
most of all, the trainers are filipinos! bravo bravo! i love the ambiance of the resto. so lively! we've got pictures taken with them and of course we had exchange of stories. they are so happy to see us and excitedly shared their experiences. we we're happy to know them too and that they are really great people! actually one of them was already offered to work here, it only shows how good pinoys are! so, we will definitely see him around. :)
have a nice week everyone!

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