Saturday, February 9, 2008

Shop Shop Shop...

i've got this info from peachy about the ongoing sale at old navy.. grabe! kakapanic! thanks again sis.. i'm still thinking if i will purchase online and ask my friend to bring it home this march or... still undecided really... when i showed this thing to my husband i told him i want to buy this and this!.. although he's already sleepy.. by the way, it's already 1:30 am here.. he looked at me with wide eyes and said.. why? you want to go to the US? hahahahahaha...

here are my top picks!

elyse love hats.. every time she's going out in the sun, she will ask me to get her hat. with her never ending "mommy pleaseeeeee".... i think this one will make her happy. :)

how about this for summer? i like this shorts in white also.

this shirt with cute bubble
shorts is nice too!

the cardigan will be great this spring...
and of course the t-strap sandals is
tempting too! bonne week everyone! :)

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