Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting Ready For The V-day

fred came for lunch with a box of almond cake and greeted me happy valentine! i was surprised knowing it is valentines day already. i really thought it is valentines day today. and then he said, "no, this coming thursday pa!" i was relieved.. i just checked the calendar and it's 2 days before the v-day. hmm.. i'm wondering what will i prepare for dinner on valentines.. maybe a black pasta with seafood? then a glass of champagne will be great! i would like to get a new set of scented candles at k-shop for a more romantic ambiance... and more of yellow tulips for our center table! i'm craving for mac and cheese too! have you seen this episode of oprah? where gayle is trying out yummy mac and cheese in different flavors? yum yum! talking about cheese, elyse love eating cheese.. just cheese! she would always ask me to open the fridge and get some for her and when she had enough, she will smash it and play with it! mess.. mess.. mess.. :(

knowing fred, he might arrange a dinner for 3 at our favorite hotel here in casa. of course in the japanese resto with our favorite ebi tempura maki and california maki. their salmon appetizer is very yummy too! including the chicken yakisoba prepared by their skillful chef. so.. we will see..

a simple lo! :)
credits: kim b wordings, lorie m paper

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