Thursday, February 28, 2008

She Want It Now!

While i was cooking for lunch my little girl kept asking me if she can have carrots. So i gave her uncooked carrots and she ate it! :) And then she went inside the room, now she's counting "one, two, three.... three balls!" As a curious Mom, i went inside the room and saw her sitting in the floor with three balls and yes she counted it again and again! :D

She's now calling me "Go out Mommy! Let's go! Pleaseeeeeeee", asking for her jacket and shoes "Come on Mommy! Walk walk there! (pointing to the door), I'm telling her to please wait because I will tell Daddy that we will go out, she said "Ok, fine!" There she is asking her friend Big bird to come with us. So, I guess we're off to LPG (La Pause Gourmande) now.

We're back with our favorite Almond and Honey Croissant! She's asking me if she can have soup so, I guess I'll be cooking her favorite chicken soup. :)

About the lay-out:
I have been keeping this picture in my hard disk for quite sometime and didn't noticed that I'm not yet done with the lay-out. Blame it to blogging and blog hopping! I never thought it would be this addicting. :) Happy Friday everyone! God blees!

credits: sea paper, miss mint paper, touche d' orange stitch, crenee buttons and elements, cbombria alpha, dsf journal


Lian said...

I like what you did with the buttons. Great idea.

Jane said...

your daughter is so cute :)