Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweety Sweet

every morning, fred is leaving the house at 8am and all the time elyse and i are still sleeping. ohh not all the time, sometimes i woke up early din. but since yesterday i slept at around 4am na, i had a hard time waking up early.. i didn't notice him while preparing for work.. it's already 10am when i feel like i need to get up and check if my little girl is awake already.. plus i need to prepare pa for our lunch. so there i saw elyse, wide awake and murmuring.. this time talking to her friend, pooh. :)

every noon time, elyse is waiting for her daddy to come from the office and will embrace and kiss him when he arrive. she will also say.. "daddy nis nis" or daddy miss na miss.. she simply mean "i miss you daddy". she will also embrace his daddy and tell him, "sweety sweet".. because if they are embracing and kissing.. i always made a comment "sweet na sweet".. she got that from me.. so from then on, every time she will embrace her daddy, she will say "sweety sweet". :)

happy valentines day everyone! hope you all have a sweety sweet day! :)

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