Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Once Again!

last night, i've tasted a delicious pancit prepared by our friend here. that makes me feel so happy because that is a dish i really cannot perfect! i can prepare other dishes which i believe is more difficult but i don't know why pancit make it so hard for me.

yesterday at the church, we had a chance to meet the presidential daughter, luli arroyo. i didn't notice her not until we're on our way out of the church. a guy approached us saying "your daughter is so cute." i said "thank you." and wanted to say "you too!" ha ha ha.. not knowing it was luli's boyfriend. then here's another girl which happened to be luli's friend and daughter of the owner of duty free here, let's call her ms. tantoco.. she told me, "hi! you're so cute, kanina ka pa namin tinitingnan.." while touching elyse's hand. and there she is luli, telling me the same thing. we've had pictures with her using our friend's cam. unfortunately we don't have a copy yet so, i'll be posting it here as soon as i have it.

by the way, we have given away elyse's crib and other clothes. that really saves space from our closet. decluttering is something i love doing.. i want everything neat and tidy all the time.. though my husband is having a hard time understanding my point.. well, that's me! i would rather give everything away than having a pile of unused clothes in my closet...

sharing this lo.. elyse enjoying her meal.. but lately she's not eating much, she had molars coming out again. :(
a great week for everyone!

credits: misty cato paper and flower, lindsay jane frame, dco swirl, kit harmony stitch, jcantrill journal paper, amelie staple, andrea designs paper

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