Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Been A While!

it's been a while! i missed blogging.. and i missed blog hopping too! since we moved to our new house our internet connection is quite bad. as usual we are connecting illegally to a wifi around the area. even in our previous house, for about a year... we survived connecting to a free wifi! yes, absolutely free! :)
it's been a tough week for us.. tiring.. thanks again to "wawa" for helping me unpack our things and put them in proper places.. my only problem now are my bed sheets.. they don't fit and our toilet is smaller.. we don't have a tub.. so sad for elyse because she love to play in the tub with rubber duck while bathing. anyway the positive side.. we have a bigger bed, we are in a super nice location.. just steps away from everything.. shopping, supermarket, pharmacy et al... i love the ambiance of our new house.. it's really homey for me..
a picture of father and daughter enjoying the comfy couch. as you can see, elyse had her legs crossed. she had that habit while sleeping. it only means she's really having a good sleep. :)
since i had problem with my connection.. i had time doing this lo... ciao!
credits: jcantrill journal, jgorny sequines, tking paper (blue), btb scallop paper, brittdes paper (brown), alw string bow, monika69 alpha

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